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Who are we?

Our company came about when we bonded as geeks over our passion for Sci-fi, comic books and an everlasting love for the Events Industry. With a passion of customer service and a belief in providing valued, cost effective solutions, we are combining our 75+ years of experience in providing a platform for the registration portion of the industry that puts control in the event planners’ hands.

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Mark Murphy


Brains of the company

Mark is originally from Newfoundland, Canada. At the age of 10, instead of getting a red fire-engine to play with, his Mom got him a computer. There began his passion for everything computer related. By the age of 12, he was writing his own code and became an internationally known hacker. Thankfully, Mark decided to use his powers for good and after accidentally landing in the tradeshow industry, he is nationally recognized for contributing to the industry in countless ways.

When not developing the most current state of the art IT solutions for the Events Industry, you will find Mark reveling in his collection of Sports Cards, Star Wars collectibles and caring for his three dogs and cat (Dexter, Coommander Cody, Mace Windu and Darth Maul).

Karen Murphy

Accountant / Project Manager

Glue of the Company

Karen began her career in the Esthetics industry for over 12 years, with 4 of those teaching at a career college in Toronto. After years of travelling with Mark to show site locations and events, she could not ignore the magnetic call of the Events industry and made the switch to work in Lead Retrieval and Exhibitor Registration. She moved into a role with a general contractor in the exhibitor services department for over 6 years taking on a hybrid role helping exhibitors resolve challenges and assisting with A/R functions. She recently completed her bachelor’s degree in Accounting with honors and a 3.91 GPA all the while working full time.

Though she too has a love of Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Beauty and the Beast, and Outlander, her most important role is keeping Mark and Mike from playing with their toys and finishing their work tasks!

Mike Goodwin
(Mikey G)


Brawn of the company

(OK, let’s be serious, the Comic-relief of the Company)

Mike is originally from Kentucky, but being an Army brat, grew up all around the world. After declining the Nobel Peace Prize, refusing the Oscar nod, and one failed space visit attempt, Mike found himself in the world of trade shows. From the age of 19 Mike has worked in almost every department in the general contractor part of the Industry. In an unexpected bond formed over a discussion about galaxies far, far away, Mike made the decision to team with the Murphys and provide a quality, modern registration platform to the events industry.

When not trying to revolutionize the event industry, you can find him rooting his kids on from the sidelines of the soccer and football fields. Like Mark, he enjoys reveling in his collection of Star Wars, Marvel and Legos. And if you call him and he doesn’t pick up, he is likely on his Indian Motorcycle with his fiancé, the love of his life!


( RegGeek is what Willis is talking about)

Chuck Norris and Superman

When Chuck Norris and Superman have sleepovers, they argue over who has the cooler RegGeek pajamas.

Computer Screen

RegGeeks do not need to search the internet, they just stare a computer down until it gives them the information they need..

Night Light

RegGeeks sleep with a night light because the dark is afraid of them.


RegGeeks can win a game of Connect-4 in 3 moves..


RegGeeks is the only reason why Waldo is hiding.

Humpty Dumpty

RegGeek can put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

Death Star

They say May the Force be with you, because the RegGeeks are always with you!.

RegGeeks enjoy long walks in the park, a good book and can often be found riding a horse westward into the sunset, gently looking towards happily ever after.